I went to see Alpines play at the Bull&Gate in Kentish Town tonight. Stunning performance.

Drive by Alpines

Kodak launches a photograph contest to celebrate the first year of existence of its newest low ASA film Kodak Ektar 100.

Via Photography Blog.

Fujifilm is running its annual competition open to anyone taking pictures with any of the Fuji consumer or pro films. Rules, instructions and other informations can be found here. Hurry up if you want to enter it, submissions end on 1st of September.

Great fun, and a high dose of Japanese Anime and video games.

Stuffed Totoro

1 – Stuffed Totoro          2/3 – Japanese women in traditional outfits

4 – Tokyo Decandence chicks, if I got it right …

5 – Traditional music players         6 – Captain Harlock’s ship made in cardboard

7 – Gundam model kit speed contest       8/9 – Cos play

10/11 – More Cos play action

A few useful links about the Japan Expo :

The Mayor of London,along with Sky Arts and other sponsors, have financed a new art installation on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth.

Artist Antony Gormley depicts the British society by having 2400 people whom will occupy the plinth all in turn, one hour each, for a hundred days. A safety net assures to secure the attendants. Cameras and microphones air the whole thing 24/7, on a dedicated website.

A man minding his own busines

eBoy, the London based graphic design studio, is having an exhibition in Paris. More info here.

eBoy : Belfast for Coca-Cola (2009)

eBoy : 'Belfast' for Coca-Cola (2009)

150 years of body images in photography“. The exhibition will be running in Munich’s Stadtmuseum until September. Via Designboom.