Recent news on the latest game engine that will be featured in upcoming games from editor Ubisoft. Or how fast real-time CG technology is coming a step closer to photorealism.

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INCREDIBLE 3D DRAWING MACHINE from David Battistella on Vimeo.

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- A smart guy playing with Photoshop found two very simple tricks to make it run faster. I’ve tried them both at home and at work on Windows 7 and OSX, and it seems to help a bit with large size images or when dealing with multiple files open at the same time.

©David Noton

©David Noton

- The Photography Blog had an interesting article a couple months ago about long exposure photography, written by David Noton and illustrated with some of his beautiful images. Highly recommended for landscape shooters.

- The people behind “I’m a photographer, not a terrorist” campaign and website organise a flash mob on Trafalgar Square on Saturday 23rd January 2010, at 12.00 (Noon).

- CoolIris Express has been announced earlier this month. This is a new tool designed to help people with very little coding or web designing skills to put together online galleries. More details on The Photography Blog again.

The Sherlock Holmes ©Phill Price 2009

The Sherlock Holmes ©Phill Price 2009

- London-based photographer and blogger Phill Price comes everyday with a picture taken in London. This is pure street photography as I love it. Phill also organizes events for the London Flickr Meetup and PhotowalkLondon Tweeter group. He’s also co-host of the PhotoLegal podcast, a very precious source of various legal information about photography and copyrights in the UK.

Susan - New York ©Salma Khalil 2009

Susan - New York ©Salma Khalil 2009

- Salma T. Khalil is featured among other artists on Flak Photo this month :

Currently Untitled

This project explores marriage and its definition amongst women who have surpassed the
average age of marriage (25) in the U.S. yet have remained single.
In the portraits, the women wearing the same wedding dress and are pictured in their
spaces. The photograph is an object of fantasy. They are dressed in a symbol that is a
stereotype of constrained societal pressure, a tradition of roles and expectations. Their spaces
represent the stage of life they are in, whether they live in a studio space on their own or with
a significant other to whom they are not married.
Accompanying the photographs are video interviews that bring the viewer back to reality.
The women are in their own clothes and freely share with us their own opinions on marriage,
family and the multitude of paths they plan.

- Amazing wildlife, portraits, street and architecture photography by George Logan.

- Found on Kanye’s blog, but for some reasons he had to remove it. Later found again on Fubiz and Dailymotion.

See for informations on John Nack’s blog, Photography Bay and Light Mods among others.

You can also download Lightroom 3 Beta for free following this link.

Polaroid official announcement that they will put back in production a limited serie of their Polaroid 1000 instant camera in 2010.


People shooting with films out there will be thrilled to know that Epson has announced a new Perfection v600 flatbed scanner. This is an upgrade from the previous model, featuring improvements in terms of energy-efficiency.

More details and all the technical stuff can be found in this article on Photography Bay.

Canonrumor gives hypothetical specs which have leaked of the upcoming 1D mkIV. Should be announced beginning of September by Canon.

A rumor has spread out about a Canon 7D of which has only leaked an estimate price of 2700$, and that it would come with a 28-135 mm lens. Nothing about the camera’s specs though.

Leaked image from a korean website

True or fake ? Image found on a korean website

Via Le Journal du Geek and Canonrumors.

Left to right : dark flash image, colour hi-ISO capture, final composition.

A “non-visible light emitting flashgun” developed by a student at N.Y University has been unveiled today on The Photography Blog. It’s obviously in the early stage of its development, but sounds already promising.