Recent shots taken with the Mamiya AFD 645 and Kodak Portra 400 VC film. Other pictures on the flickr gallery here.

Untitled portrait #7 Untitled portrait #4 Untitled portrait #5

Great fun, and a high dose of Japanese Anime and video games.

Stuffed Totoro

1 – Stuffed Totoro          2/3 – Japanese women in traditional outfits

4 – Tokyo Decandence chicks, if I got it right …

5 – Traditional music players         6 – Captain Harlock’s ship made in cardboard

7 – Gundam model kit speed contest       8/9 – Cos play

10/11 – More Cos play action

A few useful links about the Japan Expo :

See also the Muleketu MySpace page.


eBoy, the London based graphic design studio, is having an exhibition in Paris. More info here.

eBoy : Belfast for Coca-Cola (2009)

eBoy : 'Belfast' for Coca-Cola (2009)

Christoph in his studio #1