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Monique Jacques is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, who covered during the past four years events in the Middle-East.


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Beautiful work by Denver-based photographer Erin Grabosky.


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If you wonder if it has anything to do with photography, well it actually does. The clever techniques involved in this amazing melting sculpture include strobes and are inspired by zoetropes. The line between static and animated images has never been blurrier.

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If you’re deeply in love with your Windows XP system, and don’t want to hear about Windows 7 or the fancier 8, then here’s a hack that should let you get free updates until 2019.

Be well aware that it’s a hack, therefore slightly techy, not recommended by Microsoft, and barely legal. At your own risk.

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World-class historian specialized in Middle-Ages, exceptional radio host. Rest In Peace.



Recent news on the latest game engine that will be featured in upcoming games from editor Ubisoft. Or how fast real-time CG technology is coming a step closer to photorealism.

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That is: Montreal. Amazing website taking visitors on a trip to the city’s underground network of tunnels and caves.

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A Tooth For An Eye from The Knife on Vimeo.

I’ve realized today that I haven’t posted for a year. Certainly for the reason that I didn’t have much to say or to show that would be of interest for the public eye. But at least today there is something that I’d like to share:


It is out, and it is great. Undoubtedly one of the best things that I would recommend these days.