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Recent news on the latest game engine that will be featured in upcoming games from editor Ubisoft. Or how fast real-time CG technology is coming a step closer to photorealism.

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That is: Montreal. Amazing website taking visitors on a trip to the city’s underground network of tunnels and caves.

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A Tooth For An Eye from The Knife on Vimeo.

I’ve realized today that I haven’t posted for a year. Certainly for the reason that I didn’t have much to say or to show that would be of interest for the public eye. But at least today there is something that I’d like to share:


It is out, and it is great. Undoubtedly one of the best things that I would recommend these days.

Time not spent taking new pictures is time spent discovering new musical horizons. So all is not lost.

The annual carnival in Rio through a tilt+shift lens.

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

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An excellent article in The Economist about why Kodak fails where Fujifilm has succeeded.

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And keep the funk up.